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How dew you sum up the ridiculous diversity of America in 15-seconds? Well, if you’re Andy Baker, it’s all about finding that perfect creative crossroads between iconic and “out there”.

Luckily, Andy’s no stranger to this intersection. His animations are inspired by the old school 2D classics. But they’re also infused with a kaleidoscopic cast of bold colors, liquid transitions, and psychedelic cuts. It’s a style that’s unmistakably Andy Baker—and a style that goes together with this campaign like peas and… MTN DEW? No, more like MTN DEW and road trips. Or MTN DEW and video games. Or MTN DEW and… you get the point.

This summer, MTN DEW is celebrating state pride in the “Land of Those Who Do” by releasing the DEWnited States Collection. Hornet teamed up with BBDO NY to tackle the downright ambitious scope of work by creating 50 individual animated films for each state, along with one cohesive national spot.

It’s been a serious undertaking. To pull it off required clairvoyant vision, jujitsu design skills, and a dedicated team of 10 animators working side-by-side for weeks on end in Hornet’s downtown SoHo offices.

The result is a thrilling ride through the U.S. of A., that’s about as livewire as a MTN DEW sugar rush. From the dueling banjos guitars of Tennessee, to the dancing dairy cows of Wisconsin, to the, um, “electric” history of Pennsylvania, each 15-second spot celebrates what makes that state iconic and unique. And each spot is a vibrant explosion of adrenaline, color, and controlled chaos. Like a MTN DEW-branded firework, where all the action and edginess of the brand gets swept up and bottled into a combustible 15-second spot. You just need to press play for the explosion.

To continue the firework analogy, it’s the canister itself that Andy had a lot fun with. Creating 51 completely original and different spots is no easy feat. Nor is encapsulating the identity of an entire state into 15-seconds. But it was these restrictions that Andy relished.

“It’s always nice to work with some set of rules,” he says. “How can we make a fun story in 15 seconds to keep you engaged and try to sell it? How can it be as playfully representative of a state as possible?”

With the help of Barcelona-based artist Cristian Robles Martinez and the support of BBDO NY—who Andy was quick to praise for their ongoing alignment, optimism, and openness to humor—what they produced is something that’s not only super representative of the US and of the MTN DEW brand, but also pretty rad… if we do say so ourselves.

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